HERE‘s the original. In case you actually want to read it.


Come out for the Donald, ye proud cis white men,
Tell the masses how very wrong they have been!
Ye seek not death or destruction or walls,
Only a way to relieve the sad aching balls
Of your valiant hearts! Let your voice call
Down streams of affection upon the Donald!

Your freedom is built upon slavery’s chains
And the voices you silenced with misery’s reigns.
The terror a black president gives you subsides,
Now you can oppress without fear in your eyes!
Now you can be cis white men without any fear,
With no one to say, “Hey, that’s racist,” in your ear!

Corruption and self-righteous power
over the lives of people of color!
Stagnation, pollution, and tyrants
over the rights of our nation’s migrants!
And if people criticize, don’t sweat it.

Just call the police to beat them all down,
And pretend that your fear is virtue.
Just build that wall and pretend that death,
too, is virtue! Everything can be justified!

Whiteness as virtue! Return to the past
and fish out your uncles by their greying hair,
their wise words about the order of the world!

And no matter that I break apart under
the systems you impose upon me,
and somehow it becomes my own
fault. You just keep claiming enslavement,

You keep claiming oppression,
Even you cast your suspicions,
Even as phone calls are being made,
Even you retreat to Europe and idealize!

I, too could write a litany of things I want
to remember. To grieve a history lost
to whiteness. TBH, I thought I could stop caring
About bad poetry. And then it grew like kudzu

Around my heart. And I was frozen
like that for a second. Until I thought
for FIVE HUNDRED YEARS our ancestors
Have fought against ur art and everything

within it. Sign me up for the next four.


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