On Blue Rose AGE

So something happened over the past half a year: I became obsessed with tabletop RPGs. I started off running Blades in the Dark for some friends, but found the rules too loose for me as a beginning GM, so now I’m now running a game of Exalted, which is perhaps a bit extreme in terms […]

Reflections on the Fusco Piece

The anti-black archive does not justify anti-blackness. The archive of black appropriation does not justify appropriation of blackness. Acts of whiteness can never be codified into a system of historical right and wrongness. To claim a right or wrong side of history is to argue for a history of rightness over the recognition of black […]

An Open Letter To As Am/JA Allies:

Hello you ❤ When we compare Japanese American internment to the threat of Muslim American internment, I worry about collapsing difference, about collapsing history, about what we lose in practicing a certain brand of solidarity. It’s easy to reduce internment to hatred, bigotry, a “mistake that should never happen again.” In the same way that […]


HERE‘s the original. In case you actually want to read it. INAUGURAL POEM Come out for the Donald, ye proud cis white men, Tell the masses how very wrong they have been! Ye seek not death or destruction or walls, Only a way to relieve the sad aching balls Of your valiant hearts! Let your […]

What does it mean to be Mecha?

As we explore the character of Mecha Amidala, first we must consider what it means to be “Mecha.” To be Mecha is to be the one inside the monster. To control the hardened body from a soft organic inner space, a body within a body, to be subsumed within the artifice that sustains you. To […]

Reviewing Hardly War by Don Mee Choi

“The daughter of the Operator living inside the Camera with Spectrum, with History.” Because the record the record shows cannot be shown without interpretation, because the Spectator can only be punctured by his own desire, or loosely, the unconscious learnings of a semi-automatic process that fires at will in the back of his mind, or, […]